Wooden 3-D Puzzle By Magnote


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Clock: ROKR is a DIY wooden 3D puzzle craft kit featuring a mechanical gear system. The package includes a set of wood sheets with precise laser cut pieces that assemble together to form the airship. It also includes a spring wind-up mechanism that integrates with the wooden gears allowing the assembled pendulum to swing and keep time (lasts 5-8 hrs). The item has been designed to target a wide range of audience - ranging from hobbyists and puzzle builders to teens and adults who just love making things

Trex: DINOROID is a wooden dinosaur 3D craft kit that walks after assembly! The package includes easy to follow the pictorial instruction sheet and wooden sheets with die-cut parts that easily pop out making assembly possible without requiring any tools (screwdriver needed to open battery box). The DINOROID Walking and Roaring series include both motor assembly as well as speaker and sound sensors that allows the dino to roar and react to sound it hears. Great weekend project for kids and adults alike.