Upcycling Summer Camp (July 10th through July 14th)


Welcome to our exciting upcycling camp, where we teach campers to turn everyday objects into beautiful and useful creations! Our camp is all about promoting sustainability, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Throughout the week, campers will learn about the principles of upcycling and how to give new life to items that would otherwise end up in landfills. Our experienced instructors will guide campers through a variety of techniques such as repurposing, embellishing, and redesigning.

Campers will have access to a wide range of household items. They will learn how to think outside the box and use their imagination to transform these objects into one-of-a-kind pieces of art and functional items.

In addition to hands-on creating, campers will learn about the environmental impact of waste and how upcycling can play a significant role in reducing it. They will also learn about the importance of sustainable practices and how they can make a positive impact on the environment.

Join us at our upcycling camp and discover the magic of giving new life to old items through creativity and innovation!ixed media art class is the perfect opportunity to unleash their creativity and have fun!


Daily Schedule:
9:00-9:15 meet and greet / project instruction and planning
9:15-10:20 Artfull time
10:20-10:35 snack and break
10:40-11:50 Artfull time
11:50-11:55 clean up, free drawing
12:00 Half day campers go home 12:00-12:50 Full day lunch and play, clean up
1:05-1:15 project instruction and planning
1:15-2:20 Artfull time
2:20-2:35 snack and break
2:40-3:45 Artfull time
3:45-3:55 clean up, free drawing
3:55-4:00 Full Day campers go home

NOTE: Times and activities above may adjust to suit age and activity.