The Double Donut Box

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What's better than one donut? What about a DOUBLE DONUT?! That's right! We now have the Double Donut Box. This delicious piece is so much fun. It's bound to bring a sugary smile to your studio customers' faces! Both functional and beautiful, the Double Donut Box will be a fun addition to any room!

The Double Donut Box is designed to look like two frosted donuts with sprinkles on top. (You have to go with the sprinkles, right?) It is perfectly sized for jewelry, for coins, small niknaks, and so much more!

Kids are obviously going to adore the Double Donut Box, but it's really a great piece for pastry-lovers of all ages and skill levels! This piece will look great with some vibrant colors, and both experts and novices will love decorating this wonderful bisqueware piece!