The Birth of a Dream by Maria Helena Brzozowska

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Birth of a Dream is a 500-piece, Velvet-Touch puzzle, featuring the artwork of Maria Brzozowska, an illustrator and visual storyteller.

Maria Brzozowska is an illustrator and visual storyteller based in Turkey. Her paintings explore memory, escapism and the visionary imagination; fictional transport and eccentric architecture proliferate within dreamscapes.


Brzozowska hopes to inspire her audience to peel away different levels of her works, and in the process create their own meanings. Tale of Two was created using various shades of blue, the color that Brzozowska relies on to achieve her dreamlike atmospheres. Birth of a Dream is a dreamscape that celebrates the human imagination and its mysterious depths.


Donations from the sale of this puzzle will go to the Kennedy Krieger Institute, Baltimore, MD. Kennedy Krieger clinical programs meet the specialized needs of children and adolescents with developmental disabilities. More than 35 different outpatient clinics, three inpatient units, several home and community programs and clinical laboratories all address the specific conditions of children with a wide range of disorders including Autism, Pediatric Rehabilitation, Brain Injury and Recovery and Behavioral Psychology.