Teal & Green Tie Dye Colors in Fancy Plants Greens

EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Tie dye set includes 3 bottles of custom clothing dye with refill packs (2 per color) totaling 9 bottles, 3 bags of soda ash for pre-soaking items, disposable gloves, 30 ties and easy-to-use technique guide. FROM BLANK, TO SWANK TECHNIQUES - Create tie dye fashion with monochromatic technique, two-tone dyeing, and multiple colors. Use the tie dye folding techniques guide to create patterns like Sic Stripes-Bruh, Spill the Tea Spirals, The Crumple-stiltskin and Ombre All Day. CUSTOM COLOR DYE - Complimentary & on-trend colors: SLAY IN GRAY (charcoal grey dye
), I GOT YOUR BLACK (black fabric dye) & HANDY DANDY SANDY (tan). All dye is non-toxic and machine wash safe. MORE THAN T-SHIRTS - Use refills for multiple projects like monochromatic joggers, crop top hoodies, jumpsuits, denim, tights, shoes, and DIY tie dye face mask. Upcycle used clothes or boring cloth items into something new and exciting with tie dye colors.