“Lucky Slime”Kit - Bored to Brilliant

Wait, did someone open a box of my favorite cereal?  No... that's just our brand new marshmallow-y Lucky Slime! Everything you need to make the perfect textured slime! This kit is sure to be a hit with your family! Enough to make 12 oz of ooey, gooey, wiggly, jiggly slime! That comfort food scent of marshmallow charm cereal is now in your favorite family activity! * Pre-measured fruity marshmallow scented Elmer's school glue * Pre-measured Baking Soda and Jello Powder for thickness. * Magic Charm Sprinkles and bright sparkles for the glitter win!  * Slime Activator (Sensitive eyes saline solution) * Spatula for stirring * Video and Printed Instructions with printed QR codes to take you DIRECTLY to the YouTube channel and download links! You can't go wrong with this one.  It smells amazing, has an awesome oddly satisfying texture, and is so cute!  More pictures coming soon, but we know you'd want this one as soon as possible!