Mandala for Mindfulness

*NOTE* After careful consideration, I have decided NOT to include step-by-step instructions for this design! I believe mandalas are an expression of oneself and individual creativity. Instead, I have shared some insight into the origins and purpose of the Mandala! This New DIY Watercolor Kit is for all of you who strive for peace, divinity, and personal growth. I for one have been challenging myself to meditate every day and frequent more yoga classes. I never truly internalized the benefits of these two things until this past year and I'm so grateful for the power it has had on me. With that said, namaste ❤️  Do it Yourself Watercolor Kits! A Workshop To-Go (Patent Pending) Each Kit Includes: -Easy to Understand Instructions with Reference Image -Practice Guide for Techniques -Built-in Paint Palette -Pentel Reusable Aquash BrushPen ($7 retail) & an 8x10 Pre-Outlined Image (that's right, you don't even have to draw!) * Travel-Friendly: Simple and compact design is perfect for paint