Mala Making Kits

$45.00 $65.00

Untie Your Mind & Knot Your Intention.

The art of mala making is relaxing and creative.

Kit's Include Everything you Need 

Hi! I am Amanda Jaten, the owner of MeraKalpa Malas. After making malas for 4 years and stumbling through my own journey of learning to create these beautiful and meaningful pieces, I decided to create a line of DIY Kits. I wanted to share the art of mala making with others.

My Mala Kits were featured in Yoga Journal last year as an “editors must-have” and since then, we have been sharing the art of mala making all over the world! I hope you enjoy what I have created and I hope you can share in this special and meaningful practice of making your own mala! Namaste.