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DIY gifts kits were created in an effort to battle horrible-generic-gift-giving-its and wage war on ugly sweater vests. Each kit has been custom designed to be as unique as the maker (that's you.). In a world where time is spent on digital devices more than ever, these kits are a way to reconnect, with friends, family, and even ourselves.

Bath Bombs: This kit has everything you need to make 12 bath bomb cupcakes. Includes pre-measured baking soda, corn starch, citric acid, and Epsom salts plus supplies like gloves and spray bottle and (includes 1 sphere mold + extra essential oils). The only bath bomb kit in the world that features 100% pure essential oils.

Lip Balm: Enjoy lip-smacking lip balm that’s safe, effective, and you can make in your own home with this fun, easy-to-do lip balm kit. 77 piece set.

Gin: A perfect gift for dad, mom, friends, and family. Enjoy the look on their face the moment they open up their package and realize what you just got them. Everyone can enjoy a tasty adult beverage from time to time and nothing is more enjoyable than creating your own drink flavors and styles.

Soy Candle: Candles are the perfect addition to your home, kitchen, bathroom or living space because they provide a beautiful glow and classic look that makes everything look and feel more welcoming. That’s why it’s fun to create your very own DIY candles with the DIY gift kits so