Llulu Llama Crochet Kit

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Supersized llama crochet kit. Llulu really enjoys trekking in the mountains wearing her favourite hat and poncho to keep warm. With the unique structure of her feet (not hooves) the leathery sole pad and two toes with long nails enables her to be very sure footed and cause minimal damage to the environment. If her back pack is too heavy though, she won't go anywhere! This knitty critter llama crochet kit is designed by mandy cameron and includes all the materials you require to crochet an adorable llama like llulu and she makes the perfect gift or home décor item! Kit contents: Knitty critter llama crochet kit. 250g of blanket yarn . 80g soft yarn. Several metres . Of black yarn for facial features. 8mm crochet hook. 5mm crochet hook. 200g of stuffing. Pattern. Washing guidelines: Wipe surface clean with a damp cloth or hand wash. If you machine wash use a delicate cycle and you will have to re-plump the stuffing when dry. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.