Girls Night Out


If you like to find fun things to do with friends then you'll love coming to Artfull for a GIRLS NIGHT OUT. Invite up to 12 for your night out and choose a project from below. Feel free to bring snacks and drinks. 

Project Choices

Project A: Wooden Shape Painting, Paper Crafts

Project B: Ceramic Painting, DIY Canvas, Loop Knit Project, Bath Bombs

Project C: Paint Pour, Nail & String Art, Ceramic Box Painting, Wood Sign, Guided Painting 

Custom Ideas - Contact Stacey at

You pay a $50 nonrefundable deposit when you book a date and then you'll pay your balance 48 hours prior to the party including your final headcount. Your deposit goes towards the final cost of the party. Most Girls Nights Out range between $200-$300 in total, which includes the nonrefundable deposit. That's $16-$25 per person depending on what you choose. 

This includes our party space, host, a craft of your choice and guided learning.