Elephant Squishy Painting Kit

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One of A Kind Craft Kits - Since launching our 1st squishie art painting kit in 2019, we haven't stopped innovating and creating. We design, sketch, and quality test our products so that our squishie crafts are original and special creations. DIY squishy kits empower crafters, painters and makers of all ages. From Blank to Swank - Our squishies jumbo kit contains specially curated puffy paint for squishies in light teal, pink and yellow, one brush, and a large squishy elephant. This super slow rise Squishy Kit has all you need to paint your own adorable elephant squishy, along with a color mixing chart. Your kiddos are in for loads of fun with this paint your own squishy kit! Slow Rise - Not all squishies are created equal. Our giant squishies are high quality and truly SLOW RISE at 10 seconds compared to others at a 2-second rise. Our slow rise squishies also have that perfect squishie smell. Your tween or teen will know the difference!