DIY Animal Art Kit - Rabbit

MAKE ART DIFFERENT!! Every other DIY art kit locks you in to create the same exact craft the same exact way as everyone else. PICTO KITS puts the creative controls in your hands. You choose which design to make. You choose which fabrics go where. You choose what color your frame will be. You make your art personal. No Picto Kit will every be exactly like anyone else’s. And, the best part is you don’t need any artistic skills to Picto Kit. You won’t mess it up because the patent-pending Picto process of combing up-cycled fabrics & laser-cut wood guarantees amazing one-of-a-kind art you’ll be proud to showcase. Invented by Alyssa Bird, Picto Kits is sustainably hand-crafted in the USA. Picto Kits are the perfect art craft for everyone ages 3 and up. Each Picto Kit box contains: 1 white-washed laser-cut wooden design, 1 wooden mounting frame, 1 carefully curated bundle of colorful up-cycled fabrics, 1 educational story, 1 coloring sheet, and a special link to picto fun.