Dino-eggs Butter Slime Kit Banana Taffy Scent - Bored to Brilliant

Everything you need to make the perfect textured Dinosaur egg slime! Kids love this bright fun Dinosaur themed slime kit! Enough to make 12 oz of ooey, gooey, wiggly, jiggly slime! It's easy peasy fun!  Great Easter kit or any time kit for the little fellas! * Pre-measured Elmer's white glue * Pre-measured Baking Soda and Jello Powder in banana taffy  scent for fragrance * Dino Eggs brings home the glitter win! (Dino-Egg clay resins, Leaves, and confetti leaves, bright color-shift glitter for that fun oddly satisfying sensation! * 1 oz air dry clay to give that amazing butter slime experience! * Slime Activator (Sensitive eyes saline solution) * Stirring Stick * Video and Printed Instructions with printed QR codes to take you DIRECTLY to the YouTube channel!