Bunny Ears Gnome

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5" H x 3" W

Product Description:

What if you could get a whimsical gnome that would be perfect for Easter? Well, now you can! Get our Bunny Ears Gnome for your next painting project! This fabulous little gnome is the perfect blend of fantasy fun and adorable goodness, and it makes for a fun addition to any Easter Holiday decorations!

The design of the Bunny Ears Gnome is so wonderfully simple. It features the long beard of a gnome with a little circle nose. The eyes are hidden under a beanie, and atop its head is a cute bow with two floppy bunny ears poking out.

Of course, kids, Easter lovers, and people of all ages are going to love painting this beautiful bisqueware piece. It's fun and funny, and it would be a lovely addition to any home.

So, hop on it! Get the Bunny Ears Gnome for your next project. It's the perfect ceramic piece for the renewing Spring season, so be sure to add it to your cart today!