BE MY VALENTINE Chocolate Cherry Slime Kit - Bored to Brilliant

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Why not add a barrel of slimy fun to your Valentine's Day Party this year?  How about adding some Valen-slime to their gifts? Did you know that ADULTS LOVE SLIME TOO? "Be My Valentine" with Chocolate-Cherry Scent, sequin glitter, and fimo clay cherries smells amazing and is so darn fun for kids!  These pre-measured kits are sure to be a hit with your family and friends! Enough to make 12 oz of ooey, gooey, wiggly, jiggly slime!   * Pre-measured Elmer's glue * Pre-measured Baking Soda and Jello Powder for color.  * Glitter and Fimo Clay accents make these adorable. * Slime Activator (Sensitive eyes saline solution) * Spatula for stirring  * Video and Printed Instructions with printed QR codes to take you DIRECTLY to the YouTube channel and download links!