Barn Quilt Sample Pack Style 1 נ1

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Change your mood with this interchangeable cutout set. Keep your home looking fresh and feeling festive with the best-selling interchangeable cutout set. Get a new cutout every season and add your own individualized touch of style to any room in your home. ✔ SMOOTH SURFACES - Our Unfinished Wood Cutouts have smooth surfaces that do not need further sanding. They are made from Unfinished MDF wood and are 1/4" thick. ✔ VARIETY OF SIZES – Most of our Interchangeable cutouts come in 12” and 18”. Custom design and sizes are available as well. Contact us for details. ✔ USA MADE - Every piece is Made in the USA here at Diverse Woodworking. Each cutout is produced from 1/4” thick MDF and cut in-house by our precision CNC machines. ✔ DECORATE - Use paint, markers, crayons, glue, glitter, mosaic, acrylic liquid paint, paper, tape, and vinyl to decorate these versatile mixed media surfaces ✔ KID-FRIENDLY - There are a variety of projects that kids, as well as adults, can make from our cutouts. They are great for crafts for children of all ages. They make great door hangers, home decor, or decorations for any special occasion.