Artwille DIY Paint by Numbers For Adults And Kids - Bright

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Artwille DIY paint by numbers for adults and kids, acrylic painting kit - "bright butterfly", 13.8" x 17.7". Painting by numbers is a game in which everyone can make a piece of art. Fill in the numbered areas with the appropriate colors. Select zone and start painting from the largest to the smallest areas. Draw anywhere! If you went beyond the outline - it's not a problem! 17.7" x 13.8" (45 x 5 cm) canvas, 1x wooden stretcher, 2x professional brushes of different sizes, 1х picture layout, 1х reference photo of final work , 1х palette of acrylic paints. This is not oil paint kit. Water-based paints are odorless. New paints do not need to be diluted with water. Acrylic paint stains can be easily washed off with water. The brush should be cleaned with water or wiped with a dry cloth. If you or your children have left the paints open and they have dried, add a little bit of boiling water and leave them for a while. They will be like new! The game is designed for children older than 7.